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Mia Nell Rodriguez

Actress. Playwright.
New York City.

Mia's bio

Mia Nell Rodriguez is a red-headed Puerto Rican from Queens, New York. From a young age, this Nuyorican remembers falling in love with watching people on film and this sparked her curiosity; what was this ability that these actors had to make her feel so many emotions? Her curiosity grew as her music studies throughout high school led her to the world of musical theater. She participated in every show and musical she possibly could. As she reached the most daunting year of life…senior year of high school she stumbled across Viola Davis’s Oscar acceptance speech on Youtube; “We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.” and finally she discovered in the midst of all this high school teenage confusion what she wanted; what it was that drew her so wholly to acting, the theater world, and storytelling. 

At that moment she made it her mission to pursue this profession that gives human life a platform to be seen and celebrated. She continued to pursue theater in her college studies at NYU and ultimately found Playwriting and acting to be most rewarding, although she involves herself in all aspects of making theater. 

Growing up in a city as rich and diverse as New York has shaped her values in wanting to tell stories that haven't been heard but need to be. She continues her journey with the help of her family and friends and dog, trusting her craft and holding onto her story. 



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Up next: Time Share

@Rita & Burton Goldberg Theater
May 7th 2023

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